About Us

About Us

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Hotpot Master Delivering Premium Hotpot Treasures

Our story

Celebrate the precious moments in life. Gather your family and friends over a heart (and belly) warming hotpot session. Trade life stories and reminisce about the good ol’ times or imagine the beautiful future. For times like these, there’s always Hotpot Master.​

Known for delivering a luxurious private hotpot dining experience to your doorsteps, Hotpot Master has been impressing our guests with impeccable, restaurant quality table setting and display. Count on us to deliver, setup, and even clean up after a memorable occasion.​

Taste and quality sets us apart. Our Chefs’ dedication to their craft has created 1st class soup broths that are simmered on low heat using premium herbs and real ingredients for at least 8 hours on the stove. The result? Spoonfuls of nourishing, rich and flavoursome notes that every diner would enjoy.

Treat your senses to an array of quality hotpot gems, perfect matches to our broths. Our specialties include Handmade Tobiko Prawn Paste, Pork & Cuttlefish Paste, Herbal Drunken Chicken & Drunken Prawns with Gold Flakes.

Hotpot Master WHY CHOOSE US?​

Your Specialised Hotpot Butler

Serving 1st Class Soup Broth

Top-Notch Fresh & Quality Ingredients

Impressive Restaurant Level Table Setting

Wonderful Fuss-Free & Ultimate Service