Deluxe Lobster Pot


(serves 4-5 pax)

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Pot Option:

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Signature Lemon Lime Chilli, Chilli Padi, Fresh Minced Garlic, Superior Soya Sauce, Sesame Peanut Sauce & Coriander Leaf

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You are guaranteed to enjoy this luxurious Gourmet Lobster Pot, loaded with a sensational variety of 17 different seafood & hotpot ingredients.  Take your pick from our 6 flavourful base broths, each perfectly complementing and soaks up the succulence and umami flavour in the rich selection of seafood. This will be a glorious feast and the highlight of any occasion.

Gourmet Lobster Pot (Serves 4-5pax)

Broth (Soup Base): Choice of 1 Soup Base (2L)

  • XO Fish Broth (Chef Recommended)
  • Soi Thai Tom Yum (Chef Recommended)
  • Superior Collagen Broth
  • Classic Tomato
  • Yang Sheng Mala
  • Power Laksa

All set comes with complimentary top-up soup 1.5L


  • Lobster
  • Poached Prawn
  • Gui Fei Abalone
  • Fresh Squid
  • Whole Shell White Clam
  • NZ Mussel
  • Grilled Salmon Belly Roll
  • Snow Crab Sticks


  •  Chicken Slices
  •  Grilled Luncheon Meat

Seafood Balls

  • Teochew Meat Balls
  • Lobster pearl balls

Veg , Mushroom & Others

  • Napa Cabbage (Bai Cai)
  • Pearl Sweet Corn
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Enoki Mushroom

Noodles & Sauce

  • Claypot Ee Mian
  • Signature Lemon Lime Chilli