Ji Gong Bao Chicken Pot 鸡公煲


1 set (1 Full Chicken)

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Signature Lemon Lime Chilli, Chilli Padi, Fresh Minced Garlic, Superior Soya Sauce, Sesame Peanut Sauce & Coriander Leaf

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A classic Chinese mouth-watering dish that you can enjoy on its own or simply add in some hotpot ingredients to enjoy it as a savoury hotpot.
Prepared using fresh chicken, ginger, garlic, dried chilli, Sichuan spices, and drizzled in a soy-infused broth.

* Loaded with an abundance of pot base ingredients: Enoki, Potato, Fried Tau Kee, Fried Tau Pok, Leek, Celery & Vermicelli

* With an adjustable spiciness level at your control, chilli paste and dried chilli will be packed separately.