Signature Hotpot Set


(serves 5-6 pax)

1st Soup Base

2nd Soup Base

Pot Option: *

Equipment Option: *

25% off Side Fried Dish: *
30% off Add-on Signature item: *
Dipping Sauce Bottle: *
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Hotpot Master Signature Set (Serves 5-6pax)

Broth (Soup Base): Choice of up to 2 Soup Base

Superior Collagen Soup
Classic Tomato
Thai Soi Tom Yum
Yang Sheng Mala
Suan La Fen Mala
Herbal Chicken
Power Laksa
Sweet & Spicy Chilli Crab
All set come with complimentary top-up soup 1.5L


Gui Fei Abalone Slices
Salmon Fish Slices
NZ Mussels
Fish Maw
Premium Crab Sticks


Iberico Pork Collar Slices
Shabu Pork Belly Slices
Marinated Chicken Slices
Cocktail Sausages

Handmade Signature:

Tokiko Prawn Paste on Scrapper
Mushroom Chicken Paste on Scrapper
Handmade Fish Balls
Handmade Teochew Meat Balls

Veg & Mushroom:

Napa Cabbage (Bai Cai)
Seasonal Green
Pearl Corn
Enoki Mushroom
Shimeiji Mushroom (White)
Shimeiji Mushroom (Brown)


Fried Beancurd Skin Roll
Claypot Ee Mian
Knife Shaved Noodles

6 Dipping Sauce:

1 X Signature Lime Chilli Sauce
1 X Chilli Padi
1 X Superior Soya Sauce
1 X Minced Garlic
1 X Sesame Sauce
1 X Coriander Leaf


Complimentary Ice Lemon Tea (400ml X 4 bottles)


Complimentary Dessert of the Day.