XL Grilled Fish w Hotpot Bundle


(serves 4-5 pax)

Choice of Fish:

Choice of Fish Broth

Pot Option:

Equipment Option:

25% off Add-on Side Fried Dish:
Dipping Sauce:

Signature Lime Chilli Sauce, Chilli Padi, Superior Soya Sauce, Fresh Minced Garlic, Sesame Sauce & Coriander Leaf

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“What makes our Grilled Fish so different (and so lovable)?
It now comes conveniently with a Hotpot Bundle!

* You can choose between 3 types of XL fish (1 – 1.2kg): Red Grouper, Red Snapper or Sea Bass.
* Select your desired flavoursome broth
* Enjoy bundle Hotpot set, curated to complement your Grilled Fish pot.”

XL Grilled Fish with Hotpot Bundle (Serves 4-5pax) includes:

XL Grilled Fish (1-1.2Kg)
Choice of Fish:
· Sea Bass + ($0)
· Red Snapper + ($10)
· Red Grouper + ($20)

Choice of 1 Grilled Fish Broth (Soup Base):

· Addictive Suan Cai Grilled Fish 川味酸菜烤鱼 (Top Seller)
· Classic Tomato Grilled Fish 经典番茄烤鱼 (Chef Recommended)
· Sichuan Mala Grilled Fish 四川麻辣烤鱼
· Fragrant Soy Black Bean Grilled Fish 香味豆豉烤鱼

· Poached Prawns
· Gui Fei Abalone Slices
· Premium Crab Sticks

· Shabu Pork Collar
· Grilled Luncheon Meat

Handmade Items:
· Handmade Fresh Fish Ball
· Fried Beancurd Skin Roll w Fish Paste

Veg & Mushroom:
· Napa Cabbage (Bai Cai)
· Pearl Sweet Corn
· Enoki Mushroom

· Claypot Ee Mian
· Knife Shaved Noodles
· Fried Beancurd Skin Roll

Dipping Sauce:
· Signature Lemon Lime Chilli